About Mill Road

After meeting years ago, Craig and Seamus found a shared devotion to their work and appreciation for the attention to high level design criteria and service that are required in crafting bespoke wood flooring to discerning clientele.  Over a few glasses of whiskey, they came to the resolution that sharing their respective deep sourcing knowledge, distinct finishing skills, and established perspectives would help serve their clients well and form a unique platform to grow an elite wood flooring company.   

Mill Road is formed to create a unified approach to the highest level of craftmanship, knowledge, and timber sourcing.  The unique bond of both American and European industry veterans provides our clients with an unparalleled service and attention to design criteria.  Our goal is to offer the architectural and design community with a distinct source for the highest level of custom wood flooring and devotion to service, at a value not found within the industry. 

Our Mission

Our passion for the creative process and our vast experience has led us to seek clientele interested in the pursuit of unique projects.  Our interest and mission is to create each floor as a custom project, that is made for you, from origin of the collaboration, to the final installation.  We have the means and interest to tailor the floor to your design interests and constraints.  Seamus and Craig share an equal passion, but complimentary skill sets and geographies that allow for custom wood flooring made with purpose and distinction.